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Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
Enzio mentioned the Ferrari V8 a few pages ago. Sorry I said 'compared to'...No worries, the M3 V8 is one of the most exotic engines in history of mankind...even more exotic than the stuff from Maranello

Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
As I read it and forgive me, Enzio put the M3 V8 in the same league as a Ferrari V8 more or less.
He said:"there is nothing like taking a high revving motor with a exhaust through the gears while listening to the engine just scream. ever driven a Ferrari before ?"

If that's the case-and I drove an E90 M3 for 2 years- my dream of owning a Ferrari 458 has fallen to pieces if it's more or less the same experience/exoticness as driving the E90 M3.

Now that is confusing...

First you mock someone for apparently mentioning the S65 ENGINE to a Ferrari V8 ENGINE. Which, as we all know, no one actually did...

Then we comment on the S65 ENGINE and ask your comments on what makes a Ferrari ENGINE more "exotic".

Your reply suddenly not being about the engine anymore, but the whole car experience. Who said that driving a M3 was similar to driving a 458? You seem to constantly twist what others say. Where did Ezio say that driving a M3 was just like driving a 458? I think he explained quite well what he meant by his comment. And how you can take M3=458 in driving experience and feel, from that sentence about a high rpm NA engine, is beyond me

Driving a 458 (or 355, 360, 430 for that matter) is a completely different feeling compared with a M car. But we weren't discussing that, we where talking about the engine!

So, once again. What, in your view, makes the Ferrari V8 found in the 430 and 458 more "exotic" than the S65?

-Production numbers?
-Design features?
-Layout of valvetrain?
-Crankshaft design
-Dry sump?

Apart from the two last points, I'm not aware of any major differences between the two (not that I'm an expert on Ferrari engines BTW).
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