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Originally Posted by MChat View Post
Been lurking in this thread reading up on the great info. I had Mopar Stage 3R (made by KW, IIRC) coilovers on my SRT-4 with helper springs. It handled extremely well and had great street manners. So I'm leaning toward the KW V3's for my M3 when the time comes.

Anyway, I was thinking about what was being said about droop/sag. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't a car with more droop require stronger swaybars to counteract the body roll? For instance my Jeep has 14" (travel) coilovers on the front and 12" coilovers on the rear. The majority of the travel on both the front and the rear is on the rebound side rather than the compression side. The Jeep has no swaybars at all and on the street going around corners, the body roll is extremely pronounced.

Lastly I have a quick question, I've been looking for the answer in the suspension and tires/wheels threads but haven't found it yet: Are coilovers required to fit the wider tires (e.g. 265 front / 305 rear)?
I'll let someone else handle the question about the sway bars. My inclination is that the M3/M4 sway bars are well suited for the job.

As far as needing coilovers to fit wider tires... who told you that malarkey? If anything some coilover kits will actually rub the tire if you go with a wider wheel/tire. The best way to fit a wider tire is to get a more aggressive offset on the wheels. And there are plenty of threads that go over that topic.
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