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Question Need help diagnosing this awful vibrating sound during idle

I've been noticing vibrating/buzzing sound during idle and it comes at random times. I've observed it after starting the car and sometimes while driving when sitting at a traffic light. I pulled over and made these videos few days ago when it happened again. When I give it some throttle it goes away. I'd take it to the dealer but they likely won't do anything unless its persistent or there's a CEL present. At the time there is No CEL. No limp mode or anything. Car drives flawlessly. The very first time I heard it from inside the cabin I thought it was a cell phone vibrating lol. Could it be a fuel pump? The car is 100% stock competition besides coding features but that shouldn't cause any issue like this. I'm getting downpipes installed soon and really need to trouble shoot this before doing that and being stuck incase I need to get something replaced under warranty.

pointing my phone below the driver door to hear better
couldn't really capture the sound under the hood as the engine bay is loud when car is on

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