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I read the article again and this time without being overly suspicious of potentially negative words. He does open with this:

"The philosophy will be around delivering performance through improved used of materials - lightweight alloys, lots of carbon fibre etc - rather than simply trying to make the engine more powerful"

That is a pretty strong and focused statement to make at this late stage of devolopment which includes "lots of carbon fibre". I doubt they would come out this strongly if we were to get a car weighing the same as the 335i at ~3500 lbs and close to the E90 resulting in a car that most would not be able to feel any weight difference in. That would be a fail in my books and a pretty big disappointment.

I do suspect though that aluminum will be just as large or larger part of weight reduction than CF. and don't forget plastics. Doesn't the F30 for example have a plastic oil pan? There are likely many more areas that can get this treatment.

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