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Your first payment will be due at the point you complete final paperwork just before you leave on trip and will be due each month while you are at ED and until car is returned to you in US. Do consider this into your price negotiation. I have heard of some folks that lease getting a waiver from BMW NA for the second payment and that would be more than fair considering you are not getting use of the car during shipping. Just the price you pay for experience but at least ED discount does help with this.
Good to know, I will definitely make a push to get a month waived off specially if it's gonna take 2 months for me to see the car again. Thanks for the info.
The second month's payment is 'free' on all ED leases. That's standard, no need to ask for any special treatment. However the money factor is a bit higher.

Search for the ED wiki on another site and you will find all the answers.
EDIT: Best to search on 'bimmer wiki European Delivery'

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