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Originally Posted by Trutchy View Post

Does seem like BMW German is not to happy with these deliveries and a delivery embargo has been issued to the dealers, date wasn't specified.
If this is true, I'm deeply dissapointed in BMW. Unless there is something wrong with the vehicles, you don't stop vehicles in transit to owners - period. It's their own fault for messing with their marketing plan.

And another thing: UAE's reviews, photos, and information have possibly been the best viral marketing of a new BMW product I've ever seen. It speaks to the growing irrelevance of the large outlets too - and perhaps speaks to the fact that embracing early owner delivery, to the RIGHT owners, has more potential power (and less control) than carefully orchestrating and spending $100,000s flying journalists into a chosen spot.

If I was head of BMW M marketing, I would seriously question my team's efforts if they are spending huge budgets organizing these mega events while ignoring the power of a careful early delivery to a few select owners (preferably big M fans, or possibly a few "converts" from other brands).