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Originally Posted by AhsanU View Post
I've heard that the stock 6MT is capable of withstanding a lot of torque. If this car was a DCT it'd probably start slipping now.

Either way, impressive! How many hours of labour was the turbo install?
When using a piggyback like the JB4, yes the DCT clutches would probably be slipping. However, when properly tuned using a flash tune (in this case BM3), the DCT can handle a lot more torque.

This is because with a JB4, the DME isn't communicating actual load and torque values to the DCT's TCU and thus the DCT doesn't apply the correct amount of clamping force to the clutch packs. With a properly tuned flash, the DME is properly reporting load/torque to the TCU and therefore the DCT applies the correct amount of clamping force to the clutch packs. Using the GTS TCU flash also helps as well and is highly recommended.

The above is really the Achilles Heal of the JB4 and piggybacks, in general ( among other things).