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Took me a while but here are the settings for my 2018 HK system. I listen mostly to rock and think the bass/midrange settings are pretty solid. Treble on this might seem a bit high for some but I think my sensitivity for treble is a bit low due to years of competition stereo systems... V=IR bitches!

Ideally logic 7 or "surround" should be off so you get better Left - Right sound staging, but the stock speakers in this car are middle of the road and slightly under powered so it just sounds better to me with it turned needs that +3 dB with that extra center speaker on...I'm more into the dynamics of the car than radios at this point in my life but I will say the 2018 iteration of the HK stereo is leaps and bounds better than the 2015 HK stereo, so I'm pretty happy with it (years of me swapping out monitors and adding amps are done!).This is tuned by my ear, and while driving the car (MPE so my interior is noisy, ASD programmed off)...If you're sitting there with the engine off this will sound a bit flat/odd, but this is what sounds good to my ear while actually driving. Again, you may just need to turn the treble down if you are young, or took care of your ears...Hopefully this helps someone out!

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