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First track shakedown at Buttonwillow Raceway Clockwise 13 config

With the car all set we set out for Buttonwillow. The engine is untouched, and the still on the factory tune. With the coilovers, aero, brakes, wheels/tires and safety, we set out for initial impressions and set a baseline lap time. One thing I should mention is, with the removal of seats, factory dampers, etc, the car had a ton of faults/codes leaving countless lights on and inability to switch to M1/M2 mode or any Sport/Sport+ options, leaving the only option to drive in Eco Mode.

Fastest lap of the day: 1:52.93


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CSF Cooling Kit

The car returned to the shop and all of the CSF 3-piece cooling kit had arrived. We knew the cooling system was going to be something we definitely wanted to address early on, and CSF made the decision easy with their customer service and readily available parts. Fitment and finish on all of the coolers were spot on, and installation was straight forward with little to no hiccups. The kit was on the car and ready to be filled within a few hours. We went with CSF because of their experience and knowledge when it comes to developing high quality cooling components and will be our go to once they develop a cooling kit for the Supra as well.

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