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Originally Posted by HUACHENBAOMA View Post
You may find my original post in my profile. But what happened generally is that my M3 jumped on timing and result in several bet valves, BMW has denied the warranty.

They said JB4 caused this LMAO

I have unhooked the JB4 when the first time drivetrain malfunction comes on and the car stalled out bone stock!

How can I defend myself against their decision? I heard people fighting denied warranty and turns out covered. But my question is, who should I talk with in this situation? Who is the guy that decide the fate of a car?

By the way my adviser throw me the number of BMW cost service. I tried, they could not speak technically, and all they do is throw me back to dealer.
That's why I don't like turning cars, loss of warranty + malfunctions like the one you mentioned.

The only tune I'd ever do is one that is supported by the manufacturer like a Dinan Tune

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