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Originally Posted by s14_kev View Post
No, I was being slightly sarcastic. The previous owner put some OEM parts on it that make it a little more rare than the tool states (speed cloth interior, M Performance Exhaust...)


I did put my VIN number from my E30 M3 and the tool appears to be switching the VIN number to something else. It is still a comparable car (same color, build month/year, etc.), but I found that interesting. Is the tool only optimized for newer models? It gives me the same incorrect VIN whether I enter the full number or the last 7 digits.
I assumed that 7 last digits of the VIN are always unique, since the're called "serial number". That's why no matter how long of a VIN you enter, it will only take a look at the last 7 digits. Could you please share the VIN so I can take a look and tell what's exactly happening?

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So the ZHP is I guess called Performance Package as per the email I received from BMWNA:

"Also, for your reference, your vehicle is 31 out of 100 produced with the Performance Package." - Code 0ZF6 (ZHP)

I also have LED door projectors.
I will check why the packages are missing, and report it back to you.

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This is pretty cool, my car has 59 out of 60 options - it doesn't have CCB

I'm not sure what the 1 of 6 is though? I note that my region is Oceania which is correct - NZ and AU share the same spec cars, but I know that 87 LCIs were made with Comp Pack. as per M Registry:

F13 M6 coupe (ECE-spec, RHD): 153 (66 pre-LCI + 87 LCI)

Or does it mean one of 6 in Singapore Grey?

1/6 means that we only have data about 6 cars like yours at the moment. And when I'm saying "like yours", I mean engine code, e_series, and power.
We're not looking into more specs, just these 3. And then you can review each option individually and see how often it was across those cars.

Originally Posted by Feddersen View Post
Is the tool telling what options are missing? If not it could be a good feature to have as a toggle option. When looking for fully speced cars it could be easier to overview the missing options instead of the full list of installed options.
No, it can't really tell. Thing is, we're actually not aware what options are available to each car. The numbers I show right now are gathered from best equipped seen so far and not from somewhere like BMW database. So it is possible, that for rare cars, you may be 35/35 and get a 10.0 score, since you're the only car in our database, even though there might be other cars out there with 80 options equipped.

And to show the list of missing features, it's really a hard task. That's because one feature might block another, so you can't show it as missing.
For example, if you chose 19inch wheels, in theory, you will be missing options for 20ish wheels and probably a lot more, but in reality, you can't equip a car with 24 sets of wheels, can you? Same goes with other options, and it's really a challange know what exactly is possible to given car from the data sources I'm using.