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A real nail-biter for HAM fans.

Mercedes strategy for tires was wrong and they nearly cocked up HAM.

The unsafe release by RBR was terrible as Monaco is one of the only tracks on the cal without 2 lanes in the pits. I think the 5 sec penalty was too lenient because of the potential loss of human life and other harm to the crews.

Other than hitting the 2 AMGs, Max drove a measured race and is maturing nicely. I'm really impressed.

LeClerc is being RUINED by Ferrari. They are doing to him the same thing McLaren did to Perez and will end up ruining a potential great. I'm I were Ferrari management my position would be: Vettel, you are here to mentor LEC. All strategic calls and preferences will go to him. You've been here 5 years and had 2 legitimate chances to win the championship and have been found wanting. This or out of the team. Pick your poison.

HAM was peerless. Second to none in qualifying and a masterclass in race and tire management during the race. The GOAT's demonstration is now complete...any questions from the floor?

The mid-field is exciting and very fluidic. Great job to all!!

The tribute to Niki was great and Mercedes needs to keep the Niki Halo on the car for the rest of the season!!

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