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Originally Posted by mlhj83 View Post
Not sure if anyone has noticed, but there seems to be air intakes on the edge of the bonnet. They definitely don't look like irregular panel gaps that we often see with development cars. The gaps look very accurately designed despite the camo, very much like the ones on the 458 italia.

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Awesome find! BMW recently applied for a patent on some aero like this- and a flow through A-Pillar.

Will be real interesting to see what's going on with the underside of that hood, especially if they are using CFRP since they could make some real involved ducts! Cooling and aero are all good! There is a new MINI video about how with the Performance minded GP they were able to tune the aero to basically eliminate 90% of lift- can't imagine what M can do.

I love this whole car and it almost seems that it is stepping up to where the M5 was in terms of functional performance and the M5 is now more like the never produced M7- that's just my take.