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Originally Posted by Hoosiers
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Wow this turned out great I think I like the idea of this even better than the standard dome.
Yeah if this is a functional heat extractor it helps push me towards the turbo although I am still bitter they're leaving the high rev scene. Honestly, I feel they need more than 450hp to really satisfy me in the engine department if we're settling for a turbo. "But horsepower isn't everything" well when the other turbo cars are pushing 500 plus, M needs to at least be in the ballpark as I don't think it'll lose much weight.
Exactly. That's why I traded in my E90 M3 for a 2012 GT-R. It didn't have enough horsepower, and I didn't think the next M3 would either. I do miss the BMW build quality, fit and finish, aesthetics, and high revving engine......but the 630hp my GT-R has makes up for it.
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