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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
I don't know what the insane loyalty or need to have PSS on the vehicle. There are other tires guys...that work just as well on the car. I have friends that have put Advan's 008 on them and done well. Some have done Conti's and had success also. I went with Bridgestone Potenza S-04's and so far no difference from my PSS's noticed and sound/ride has been just as good. Maybe if I take the car on numerous track days then okay but I would fathom that a good many owners never do...especially enough to really feel the difference or NEED PSS or nothing. Done my share of track days so just not buying the PSS or nothing 2 cents.
I think that the main problem is when you have to replace just 1 tyre as you cannot just replace 1 Michelin tyre by a Bridgestone. If you have to replace the full set, sure.