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Originally Posted by insanecoder View Post
I'm stickin with European Formula Castrol until someone satisfies LL-14
You cant get it for as cheap as MobileOne but the fact MO is sooo damn cheap at WallyWorld really has me wondering how cheaply made it really is..
+1. I am also using Castrol RS Edge euro oil. I used to use their 0w40 viscosity, but I've switched to their 5w30 blends. I now don't experience any oil consumption when I drive the car hard. I use to see a liter or two of oil consumption between oil changes(every 6K kms) when I ran say a few hard V-Max pulls(285+ kph) or on our Sella tours. Now with the 5w30 I don't have that problem.

Also... I use to run Mobil1's 0w40 European Blend oil(bought on Base/PX). But then I started to read some threads on 1Addicts back in 2009, touring the German Castrol(also 0w40) blends... so I tried some(even though it was more expensive)... I was shocked at how much quieter the engine ran on cold start(much less metallic noises) and more importantly the oil temps ran almost two needle widths cooler!! I was sold on German Castrol ever since!

insanecoder I've also read on BTOG forum that Mobil1 isn't what it used to be.

I think running a top tier oil brand like German Castrol, Shell Helix, Motul, Amsoil or Redline is the way to go. Also using short oil change intervals(OCI) is the way for a long living BMW engine. Too many times you see people with dirty vanous sensors due to long OCI's.