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Holy informative review batman

Thanks for posting this up and sharing

Had lots of fun brother

Originally Posted by BPMSport View Post
Very nice runs and review. The DCT cars are quite a bit faster than the manual, you can see the manual lose time on every shift. Also, the top video says Stage II, but it was really 1.5. Ignition timing is more conservative, so it would likely pull a lot harder on top with our Stage II.

The Stage 1.5 6MT did remarkably well against the VF Stage II, I would think the DCT Stage II would have pulled quite a bit more. Nice runs!
I dont think I could shift any faster

Car did take time to build up boost after shifts. WOT box maybe hehehe

Fun as hell though and very happy for me and BuLoOoSki. Tunes were exceptional

PTF strong midrange
VF strong top end
BPM mix of both

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