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But you can see how other tuners would want to make that distinction/clarification in case potential customers were reading this to help them make an evaluation of which tune to get right? In any case, I've always found your posts to be informative and this thread is no exception, so thanks! Just curious if you've got 1/4 mile times as well? (You knew that was coming, I know, lol).
Yeah of course that's understandable, hence why I clarified that nomenclature aside both cars are running the same boost level. The right distinction/clarification here is the explaining the power/boost level of the tune, you can name the map whatever you want stage 2 or stage 6 (there is no binding rule for that ). In reality the BPM "Stage 1.5" targets the same boost level same as other tuners' "Stage 2", so their stage 2 is more like stage 2.5 or stage 2+ (whatever you want to call it ) since it's running ~25psi. I honestly can't see our cars benefiting from running such high boost on pump gas, it will end up pulling timing anyway. But either way, F80Moe 's car ran very strong and I think he really enjoys his tune so that's what matters.

Unfortunately I don't have any 1/4 mile runs as we don't have a dragstrip here in Kuwait Roll Racing and half mile events are much more popular here.
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