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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
to 1) ... this quote is wrong(!!!) ... THIS CAR IS NO MULE ITS AN REAL M3 PROTOTYPE ... also Scott26 has confirmed the F80 M3 sedan, from which this car is first prototype !
Whoa there cowboy ... how exactly do you know that the car in the pic is not a mule, but rather a prototype? Are you a BMW engineer working on the F80 M3? Were you the test driver of the car?

We know that there will likely be a F80 M3 sedan (although companies have been known to kill projects late in their development cycles, so it is still not a certainty that there will be a new M3 sedan). There are likely mules to test the M3 parts. There are also likely prototypes. What is shown in that picture is not known to the general public. Stating with certainty what is or is not shown in that picture necessitates you having a significant amount of insider information, which if you were actually privy to, you would not be able to post on this board (without getting fired and sued).