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Originally Posted by Jai 302 View Post
Maybe in the U.S. Here in Dubai their prices are roughly the same with the Z4 sDrive20i actually having a lower base price than the newly launched 428i - and it still has a better interior. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to make the next Z4's interior look cheaper too.
You can't really compare two cars with different engines (or different tunes in this case). A more fair price comparison would be against the inevitable 420i.

In the states, the Z4 s28i (which is the lowest model we get) starts at $48,950. The 328i starts at $37,300 and the 428i starts at $40,500. So here, a Z4 is quite a bit more expensive than a 3er or a 4er.

Also, I just had a brilliant idea. Why doesn't BMW make a sedan, with the styling and proportions of a roadster?