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Originally Posted by rcompound View Post
The discovery process came in 3 steps.

1. Fall-Line lowered the suspension, replaced the front control arm with spherical bearing, adjusted the shocks, replaced the eccentrics and rear toe link. Car was better but fully capable of oversteer in all wrong places. I tried several different alignments but still not acceptable.

2. Replaced the fixed rear sway bar links with adjustable sway bar links and adjusted while on ground to zero tension. Big improvement as the car was clearly over - barred in the rear.

3. Final step removed the Ground Control camber plates and replaced with Millway. Big improvement in noise control and the Millway piece is much sturdier. Truly engineered for a M4 GTS (Thanks Samuel). I also replaced the upper rear control arms with Millway. Again a much sturdier piece than the other US sourced pieces. The adjustable rear upper control arms allow more rear camber which is noticeable in the high speed sweepers and tight 180 degree corners. Finally I went back to a trusted alignment setup that was given to me by Master Engineer Bob K. from TireRack, an excellent driver with empirical based alignment settings.

I have tons of track miles in E30 M3, E36 LTW, Porsche 991.1 4S, 991.2 GTS and other cars. All of the aforementioned cars are high HP, low torque cars with manual transmissions. The M4 GTS with the automatic is a high HP, high torque car that drive more like a Corvette or Mustang given the torquey nature of the car in a corner. Keeping the power down in the corners was difficult before steps 2 & 3.

Alignment Camber 3 degrees F & R
Total front toe 0.50mm
Total rear toe 6 mm

Did I miss anything?
Thanks. What are your front and rear ride heights relative to the blocking rings?
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