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Originally Posted by dave12285 View Post
Awesome review, thanks! As far as the car seemingly jiggly, it sounds like you're at the bottom end of the damping and the springs are too heavy for 5 clicks from soft. You should be able to turn up the damping to compensate. I would try 5 clicks from hard and see if that changes your bouncing issue. After that you can pull it back a few clicks of its too stiff. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice. I'm still trying to get the things dialed in, but as you suggested, cranking things up a bit firmer is helping. Had a great phone conversation with Bryan at JRZ and he suggested the same thing.

As a side note...I was completely blown away that Bryan took the time to chat with me about this. I realize that an "every day" driver like myself using an entry level kit probably isn't the biggest concern for a company like JRZ, but about exceptional customer service.