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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
This sounds wildly speculative to me. The part about the power output being flexible until the competitors show their hands sounds particularly naive and romanticized.
Although having done a lot of engineering and product launches my experience working with or in the automotive industry is basically none. That being said opinions on this either way are just speculation. One the one hand these folks are immensely competitive and this could be a simple software based leg up. On the flip side there is so much design, testing and regulation work that depends on power level, its really one of the most fundamental specs of a car. These details lead me to side more with your speculation.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
And I would give almost no chance that peak power coming in at less than 450hp.
I initially thought the same thing but when running the power to weight numbers I changed my position on this point quite a bit. There are bits of evidence that can support or contradict this:

-420 is too small of a gain on paper
-The power to weight is the more important factor for performance
-BMW has stated things very along the lines of more performance through less weight
-The power to weight will almost for sure not exceed the F10 M5 (too much power and too little weight would do that)
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