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Originally Posted by M4TW View Post
For places like Florence follow one simple rule after you crossing into the no man's land ZTL (restricted zone): DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR NAVI. Rather use it to locate your destination and then figure out your own route. The Navi girl will direct you into areas closed off to cars, down the wrong way on one-way streets, unto streets where it is not possible to drive a car and others that you will barely clear with your mirrors folded. Meanwhile there are pedestrians everywhere, angry scooters scooting by and angry little cars making angry little car sounds behind you.
Great write up

A few years back, I learned the hard way about the limited driving zones, didn't have Navi at the time, missed a turn amid the chaos, and unknowingly crossed through the zones. 12 months later we received a couple certified thanks-for-visiting letters from Florence with $260 in fines,...