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Mineral White F80 to Smurf Blue Viynl Wrap (Gloss Light Blue)

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Hey guys!

Because of this stay at home order / quarantine, business has slowed down a bit so I finally had some time to do what I always wanted to do: stress out and question my decisions in life...haha JK! I decided to viynl wrap my car! Weee

I bought the material and supplies and geared myself by watching YouTube videos. I then started this project last Friday and finished this past Sunday. Took me about 9 days, working on one or two panels a day along with taking the car apart. In total I think I spent about 40-50 hours on this project.

Got progressively better towards the end though.

My car is a smurf now!

I'd like to thank Amazon for having one day prime delivery because I ran out of supplies. Next, I'd like to thank my hands and back for enduring the pain of being hunched over applying this blue sticker on my car. I also like to thank the countless mosquitos that bit me during this week of torture ().

Never again.

PS. I hate bumpers.