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I assumed an F80 lease back in March, right as COVID was shutting everything down. I am also in Michigan and have been unable to register the car. As the other response notes, BMW won’t handle the registration or title transfer. Those need to be done in-person at the DMV. I have had 3 appointments progressively canceled as the lockout extended. My next appointment is for June 8th (first available). Joy.
So, I took the plates off my previous F80 (lease return, also in March) and put them on the new ride. I would have transferred those over but, you know, COVID. I haven’t driven too much but I have just kept the BMW paperwork in car. I believe that the governor has issued guidance for police to be lenient on issues like this.
One note is that the BMW power of attorney only lasts 30 days. You can request a new one, if the first one expires. I will do that shortly.