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I have the standard PASM and ground clearance hasn’t been a problem once, hoping the sports suspension (SS) is the same.

Did my first track day with the GTS today and it was amazing. Ran at Blackhawk farms. Only the 3rd track day I have ran. My other two were with my 2011 335is.

The car was amazing. Acceleration was adequate from the standpoint that my last two cars had 550+hp. Dont get me wrong, the car's incredibly quick, but i noticed i topped out at 110mph in the GTS were I would hit 110 in the IS halfway down the straight.

Braking was shocking. I never had the nerve to hit a braking zone where I needed all the brakes. I was hitting 1.25gs and still had peddle left if I needed it and I was honestly getting light headed each time with the sustained Gs.

The car didnt understeer a single time. Any time I thought I came into a corner too hot or too wide, I could still hit the apex by adding more turn in and I was able to fix any bad entry by mid turn. The midengine set up is truly amazing. If you push the car hard enough to have the back end step out, it does in slow motion. For those that have hooned in the snow, its very similar, the back drifts out but in slow motion with literal full seconds to recover.

My lap time in the 335is was 1:34 and I was hoping to get that under 1:30. I was able to hit 1:24 with a clear track in the GTS. I am so happy with the improvement. The car literally makes you a better driver. Its so forgiving and gives me a platform that will take years to reach its limits.
Here is a video from my track day.

I am a bad driver and sound. The mic actually falls half way through into a door pocket and you get less wind noise.

Also hit up the drag strip.
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