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Originally Posted by jpmaze23 View Post
You couldn't be any more wrong sir. People appreciate a tradition, and there is a legacy behind the M3. I mean adding all these other numbers is overkill. I my self will debadge it for the reason of tradition. I mean if you utter the word M3 people are like ahh yes the M3, and when you say M4 people will say WTF! is that???
That is your opinion. I know all to well the M3 legacy, having just got out of a 2011 E92 M3, and having owned an e36 M3 as well. I don't give a crap if other people are too naive to not know about the new M4. It simply means that they are either posers or noobs that don't know BMWs.

How is adding numbers overkill? Go ahead and debadge all you want...I wont loose a minutes sleep over it. I just simply think that is retarded to re-badge any model car to a model that it is least according to the MANUFACTURER of the car.
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