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Originally Posted by OverDriven View Post
Rebadging the M4 to M3 after you buy one makes no sense. If you really care about the name that much then you're a BMW fan for the wrong reason. Personally, I'm a fan because of the cars, not the name.
Agreed. Genuinely, if someone is going to badge their F platform Sedan as an M3, there is some serious Childishness in whomever being will do so.

I have owned M3's since I ordered my 1st in 2001, which was Laguna Seca Blue & happily came de-limited with all German OEM Equipment to the U.S.
No one here is smarter than BMW to feel they are more wise to go messing with the car name in any fashion. May as well even have the open mindedness to badge it as an M6 or 1M as well, or since it is a Sedan, M5 or M6 Gran Coupé.
Complete nonsense.