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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Because it follows the interpretation of the M3 Lightweight Sedan (which is coming next Week) allbeit with a few more changes it is still in the early stages of prototypes and decisions, It wont come out till about mid- 2012. So there is a long way to go.

But if you take into consideration the number of units , production timeframe etc , the transition to federalisation and so on...
It might not be cost effective for BMW to offer the car in the US .
That sounds as though we won't be getting it over here in the US again, just like the E46 CSL.

The quickness with which the more expensive GTS sold out must have shown BMW there is ample market for a higher end product, not to mention the benefits of offering a halo product as BMW's competition currently offers.

If the US is the largest market for M cars, how can BMW continue to leave us out of the party for its best and most focused products? Surely the strategy of keeping customers within the brand when they are financially able to upgrade above a standard M3 cannot rely entirely on the M5 and M6, cars which by BMW's own admission are less sporty than the cheaper M3.

There are so many like myself that wish to upgrade to a sportier car than the standard M3, yet BMW seems content having us look towards Porsche for the 911 line, or Audi for the R8 line, or most directly related; Mercedes for the Black Series Line.

How was Mercedes able to offer us the CLK 63 AMG Black Series? Clearly it was cost effective because they are now soon to release a C63 AMG Black Series in both coupe and sedan form. Meanwhile BMW cannot bring us even one sportier version of the M3? I find this very hard to believe, since the market for an E92 M3 CSL should easily outpace that for the Black Series.

Is there anything we can do here on M3post to help convince BMW to bring the car here this go around?

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