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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Since I agree the Black Series is closest to the M, would you pay 150K for an M3 GTS/CSL/whatever they decide to call it? The reason I ask is because that was the pricing on the CLK 63 BS and an M3 would likely be more closely priced to that car based on the fact they wouldnt be able to sell that many than it would be priced like a normal m3 coupe with sells for 75K.
Last time I checked, the M3 GTS (the most hardcore car BMW has) only sold a measly 120 cars or something like that, and it was more expensive than a GT3, yet could barely keep pace with a 5 year old GT3.
The thing is, 99% of people who buy M3s want an all around car. One that has a back seat, praticality, and most of all gadgets. I know everyone here likes to say they would buy a GTS, but fact of the matter is, hardly anyone here would do so because it would lose 99% of things that make the M3 a great car and wouldnt have what they wanted/needed. For the price BMW would need to charge, there are far better cars.

Companies like Porsche and Ferrari can sell all the GT3s, Scuderias etc they want (which isnt many, usually only a few thousand) because they have the clientele that is willing to spend that kind of money on them and have the strongest client base for that market as well.
You are completely right. Neither myself nor many others are looking for a GTS type M3 in the 150k range. In relation the the Mercedes Black Series, most information I have been reading so far indicates the C63 versions will be significantly less expensive than the CLK based version from a few years back. For instance, I don't see the point in removing the back seats in a car that is starting relatively large and heavy. If you want a 2 seater get a 2 seater, not a car with space for 4 adults.

Once you go much past 100k, I agree that BMW cannot be competitive utilizing the M3 platform. Once you starting moving into 6 figures, nearly all of us interested in such a car are going to go with a sports car that is on a dedicated platform such as the 911 or R8.

What BMW needs is a more focused sporting alternative to the M5 and M6 at their price point. Enter the E90 M3 EVO or whatever it is going to be officially named. BMW has stated themselves it is going to serve as a middle ground between the base M3 and the GTS. Therefore if you take the base M3 price of under 60k and that of the 150k GTS you get something right around 100k.

That's why this E90 M3 EVO concept makes perfect sense for the US market. If BMW were to take the base E92 M3 and add the GTS suspension, brakes, and exhaust you would already be well on your way. If such a car were built utilizing these GTS parts from the bin, and subsequently add lightweight body panels and engine tweaks up to a base price point in the 90k-100k range, BMW would have a clear winner on its hands. I would love to hear a rational argument as to why this would not work.