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Originally Posted by ptt127 View Post
While it's obvious that personal taste plays a big role in one's definition of good steering feel, there are some great observations here.

My definition of steering feel can be broken into 4 components:

1) Precision: It should go where you point it
2) Loading characteristics: As cornering forces build, it should give you some feedback by way of increasing effort. Then, as the limit approaches and the front ties start to slide, it should go light again. Anyone who remembers driving a car with unassisted steering knows this sensation- it can feel very light when going straight but loads the harder you corner.
3) Road feedback: Some call it kickback and hate it. I personally like a little bit over bumps and bots dots just to give a sense of connection between man and machine.
4) Effort: it shouldn't be so light that you can't sense any of 2) or 3).

The biggest disappointment is my '04 S2000, precise but completely lacking 2) and 3)- effort is always the same. As another poster mentioned this car is so visceral in every other way that it deserves better steering feel.
My S2000 did 2) just fine minus the tires going light again when understeer happens. I hate that feeling, so I felt the S2000 did it just fine
If you weren't getting 3) in your S2000, maybe you should have gotten better tires? The S2000 had loads of road feedback.

Point being that people are flipping out over this because they can't distinguish between electric steering and drive-by-wire steering.
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