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Interesting. What is precise is we already know the performance of the new M5, which has a .3 sec faster to 60, .4 secs in 1/4 vs. current gen M3. Track times of the M5 thus far on an apples-to-apples basis w/ M3 DCT (and to make it really apples-to-apples, should equip M3s with SuperSport tires like the M5) show improvement, but it's still pretty close. The new M3 will not outperform the M5 at least in a straight line, makes no sense from a marketing perspective (M5s have always been faster in straight line and building past 100 mph). We also know the M3 GTS and CRT, which both have close to 450 hp, and much lighter weight can do in a straight line and on a track vs. the normal M3. Weight reduction on the new M3 given the larger size will probably not be as much as the GTS and CRT, which essentially have nothing in them and the current M3 has quite a few weight saving items (many of them due to lower torque that the aluminum the drivetrain can handle), and if you CF the rest of the body parts, maybe you are saving 100lbs-120 lbs net of the larger size of the F30 (current M3 has plastic front fenders, aluminum alloy engine, aluminum wheels, aluminum hood, aluminum flywheel, aluminum driveshaft, aluminum suspension, CF roof, so basically you'd be talking about CF doors, back fenders, trunk, CF flywheel, and exhaust as sources of weight savings, offset by larger body size, larger/heaver wheels--will be 20 inch--electric differential, heavier driveshaft to handle torque, safety components/airbags, more leather). Would characterize a leap as being .5 secs advantage to 60 and .5 secs on quarter and 4 secs on most tracks and a 15 sec advantage on the Nurburgring. My guess is the performance of the new M3 stays well inside of all these parameters (just like the current M3 GTS and CRT), but we'll see what happens..speculation is 90% of the fun.

[quote=swamp2;11917368]Those are somewhat imprecise terms. The peformance of the call over the existing model will be substantial due to its weight being about the same or a bit less with a lot more power. Have a look here are my "ancient" predictions of the cars performance. Link.