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I had my M4 flashed with the GTS performance flash:

? M4 GTS DCT Performance Flash - (MASSIVELY reduced kangaroo gear changes especially in sports and sports+ modes). Big difference putting the power down more! Also changes the tone of your exhaust to sound sportier and deeper on stock untuned engine. On competition pack cars and custom burble remapped tuned cars, your burbles will change to match the M4 GTS burbles.
? GTS Electronic Power Steering *Stiffens steering for better control/handling with more advanced power assist, especially during hydroplanning.
? GTS Traction Control *More slip in MDM before power is cut and allows better traction control settings, improved drifting characteristics.
? GTS Rear Differential *Improved take off from the line, more control, better cornering. Straight line launch control and take off.

The drive will be extremely optimised comparable to the M4 GTS as it's OEM software ??
It feels much smoother and responsive.
All done by a fellow M4 owner ?

Here are the two cars:
i live in the US and i have a 2015 M4 (F83) completely stock with the exception of CF parts. Would this upgrade work on my car or does it have to be the CP? also do you think your friend would be able to do the upgrade for me if applicable and if so how much is it in US DOLLARS? Thanks in advance for your help on this.
Hey man, no it does not need to be a CP, as mine isn't. Contact Kurai as he is the man who does the magic