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Thanks decaf, I agree with that and it should help with a more natural feel and better on center feel.

With steering you have forces applied from you the driver on one end and from the tire contact patch on the other end and then the PS in the middle. For good feel PS need to let the forces from the contact patch to come through all the time even when you actively turn the wheel ( which is when you need feedback the most ). I wonder if this return to center by natural function will help letting more feedback through all the time?

A prime example is when you enter a corner and start turning the wheel, you want to feel how tension is building in the steering wheel as the forces increases on the contact patch and if you say hit an oil spill the reduction of force should be transmitted as an immediate drop in steering wheel tension. Now you will counter steer to regain grip. Here you turn the wheel fast and vigorously and you need maximum feedback. Will this new function help at all? I don't know but I'm curious.

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