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We don't know but I have bought two cars with release in early summer just as the M4 and both were of the next year MY. One was an LCI 2008 E60, I ordered it in March 2007 and picked it up in Munich June 2007 as a 2008 MY. The other was a 2011 F10 that I ordered in April 2010 and picked up in July 2010. I would be very surprised if there is a 2014 MY M4 in the US. Europe might be different.

Regarding ZCP and LCI for the M4 my guess is that we get at least 2 years before that happens. But again noone knows. I would not order a 2014 MY if the first deliveries against the odds are 2014s but I couldn't care less about LCI and ZCP at this stage. They are coming but not nearly in time for my next car and when they are coming there will likely be the Porsche Pajun as well, a car I'm awaiting more than an LCI ZCP M3/M4. Now, the rumoured CSL with a weight of ~3000 lbs is a different story if it kept below $100k.