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Originally Posted by I am Earl View Post
Its called common sense.

We are not talking about a F1 engine here. There is only so much a standard production line 3 series engine from 4 years ago will do. The original engine was already outputting 300 hp using a turbo, we are 40% past that with an even bigger turbo(s). The current car could do 650hp with a supercharger, forget about those numbers with the new one unless you rebuild the entire engine.
The original engine (assuming you mean N55) made 300hp with 0,5bar boost. Hardly any boost at all. Under ideal conditions a boost of 0,5bar increases power by 50%. In the real world a bit less. So the base N55 engine makes somewhere around 220hp unboosted. A VERY mildly tuned 3l engine from BMW the N55.

A Nissan GT-R can be tuned to 650hp on stock turbos:

Why is the S55 not capable of at least half of the gain (100hp) the GT-R has on stock turbos?