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Originally Posted by SD ///M4 View Post
I have the same eBay Chinese switch which I used on my previous GDOs before I replaced them with the LiftMaster 8500 which comes with the 888LM Control Panel. Now the only reason I would need the switch is to give me Alexa voice control as LiftMaster already works with Google Home. The switch won't work when wired directly to the GDO, so I would have to solder it directly to the wall control panel. Haven't decided whether it's worth it or not just for Alexa voice control.

The Chinese eBay switch solution is for someone who is technically inclined and is able to solder two wires onto a PCB. The LiftMaster solution, while more expensive but still relatively inexpensive, is a simple, integrated plug-and-play solution.
The Wifi switch is almost plug and play, not need to solder anything. the switch will pulse/connect 2 wires as do the push button of any door garage opener like the one inside the garage