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I'd be very interested in this, it sounds like a lot of fun and would be a good way for people that are new at Euro Delivery to go and have a good time, taking advantage of the knowledge of more experienced EDers.

Only problem I have is I haven't found anywhere to preorder/waitlist one yet...

Just got a response from one of my local dealers...

The M4 is slated for production sometime in March/April which would mean June arrival. Sometimes BMW is a bit slower with the release of a new generation, especially with the M series so I would not be suprised if production was a few weeks slower. As for production slots for US and Euro, they will be separate and in most cases, Euro is bit behind for avaibility. I will need to check. For M-cars, allocation is taken from US dealerships for Euro Delivery which means we will most likely not do any Euro Delivery for the M3/M4 for a little bit.

We do have a waitlist right now for both the M3 and M4. The deposit is $5000.00 to be put on the list.
Grr... that's BS. Also, $5000 deposit is stupid.

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