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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
I don't think you understand wheel offsets.

The OEM ZCP wheels vs F8x wheels are

19x9 ET 31 vs 19x9 ET 29 - -2mm for F8x
19x10 ET 25 vs 19x10 ET 40 - +15mm for F8x

So basically, swapping ZCP on the new F8x would be 2mm less aggressive in the front, and 15mm more aggressive in the rear. So you could get a nice flush fitment by running ZCP and say a 12-15mm spacer in the front with no spacer in the rear.

All depends on fender clearance and how the OEM wheels fit on the F8x. We will find out how much room they have once the cars are in our position and we can take some measurements.
I should have been clearer, I don't like using spacers, so oem to oem, you cannot swap them. With spacers, sure why not.

Sorry for confusion.