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Originally Posted by cctm4me View Post
Hey Guys and Lups - I am having a bit of a problem lately and I need some opinions on the matter.

I have the bi-xenon headlights and I lowered the car on H&R sports last week.

Recently, I have been getting a number of people flashing their lights at me like I have my high beams on. Of course, I make it a point to flash the high beams back so the morons can see that I am not just driving around like some sort of lost ping pang trying to find my street.

It's really starting to annoy the fricken daylights out of me (yes that was a pun).

Can anyone chime in if they are having the same problem here or if they think that the levelers made be out of sorts due to the lowering of the car? Is it just because all the low rent honky-tonk rednecks aren't used to seeing some bright lights?

I can bet money on your installer didn't install the headlight leveler back on correctly in the rear suspension and that's why your headlight leveler is shooting up the sky. I haven't done research on this new platform yet but I assume it should be the same. Here's a few pic's I took when I made that same mistake when I installed my KW HAS kit on my E92 M3. There's a right way and a wrong way to install the arm. You can duck down to look at your rear suspension to see if it looks like anything like these pic's.