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19" discs instead of 18", 6 pistons instead of 4 in the front and 4 pistons instead of 2 in the back, lighter, will last the life of the car in ordinary use, and no brake dust. They offer great, fade-free performance, have a nice feel, and they look great.

These are a few of my favorite things.

For those planning only a few track sessions a year, they offer a nice, don't have to f*ck with swapping out brake pads each time, set up. For track rats, follow FTS' thread in the sub-forum as he is collecting data on how well they stand up to heavier track usage.

He seems to like them, but that could change.

Meanwhile, not all the experiences with the conventional brake have been glowing, with some reports of rotors warping, pads wearing out quickly and the calipers changing color after being exposed to too much heat. Most seem pretty happy though.

While it's great to hear about Porsche owners' experiences with their CCB set-ups from yore I place higher stock on reports, good or bad, from F8x'ers who own them, or at least have tried them.

So while they don't collect any brake dust, they sure do collect a lot of hate. Put a brake on the hate y'all. We just trying to be
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