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Originally Posted by Tommy L Garage View Post
No insurance needed.
I respectfully disagree. While HPDEs are generally pretty safe (depending on who is sponsoring), I would never track a car that was more money than I could afford to write off. While certain tracks are "safer" than others, stuff that is completely out of your control can and does happen, and there's no quicker way to ruin your year than totaling an expensive car and getting $0 for it (I won't even go into if you have a loan on it). Also consider that whatever happens on the track, *you* assume the risk for your own vehicle. Someone hits you, it's still your responsibility for your own car. You spin and take out a guard rail, it's your responsibility for your car *and* the guard rail repair.

Who you run with also matters. I've found BMWCCA, PCA, and Chin to be very well run, very safety minded, and have very little tolerance for shenanigans that puts others in danger. I've found lower cost options like TrackDaze allow WAY too many cars on the track, let advanced drivers run in every run group (which makes it even more crowded). I've never run with NASA and probably never will, as it's got a rep for catering to the most aggressive of drivers. I've run with a couple of other regional clubs, but generally prefer the above 3, especially Chin.

Also note that it's HIGHLY unlikely your regular auto policy would cover an HPDE, regardless of what people tell you. If they ever even catch wind of your tracking, good luck not getting dropped there and then. With track insurance, you don't need to worry about it, what happens is between you and the track insurance company.

The old adage, "gotta pay to play" applies here. Smarter to just budget track insurance as part of required expense. You'll sleep better.

As far as costs, figure on $350-$600 track fee for a weekend depending on track and car club, plus hotel room, plus food, plus incidentals, plus track insurance, and wear items. I typically average around $1200 a weekend all in with my e92 m3, not counting wear items. The faster you go, the higher that bill will be amortized over the tracking season. I've seen beginners burn through a brand new set of street tires and brakes in a single weekend. That's not too fun. As others have said, focus on learning about your car and being smooth, pace will just happen as a natural progression. And listen to your instructor, they'll keep you safe. And have fun! It's a total blast as a hobby, albeit a very expensive one :-)
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