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There was a 4 car wreck at Sonoma in T11 at the last De I attended. Someone spun from too aggressive throttle application, driver behind following too closely to avoid the spinning car. Another driver broke hard to avoid (came almost to a stop?) and was rear ended by the 4th car.

And a bad single car wreck where someone (club instructor... ) spun in T9 from trying to recover putting 2 off and ended up with the car almost vertical in the tire wall.

Event before that a car had rotor crack and due to loss of braking, took out another car as they both were turning in.

Stuff can definitely happen! Stay safe and check your wallet and/or insurance before going

Another thought... HPDE insurance comes with 10/20% deductible. Depending on your specific German car and deductible choice, you can buy a cheapo competition car for the price of the deductible! (Eg there is a 500whp sub3000lb c5z for sale for $14k, and thatís the cost someone in a 420whp >3500 lb stock f80 insured for $70k with 20% deductible would have to pay).

Interesting to think of all the different ways to allocate your track dollar, and the idea of tracking your fav German street car versus cheaper/faster prepared cars