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Those that live in harsher climates, I'm from Chicago, how would all season tires fare vs a dedicated winter set. I ask because I have no intention of tracking the car and am not an aggressive driver.
This car has a lack of traction by its nature of being a twin turbo rear wheel drive beast. Speaking from experience I recommend for safety purposes that you maintain two sets of wheels and tires for the changing seasons. You need all the dry grip you can get in each season.

Fair warning - once you drive a F80 you may become an aggressive driver. And if you are not interested in a very focused driving experience this may not be the right rocket sled for you. It sounds like you may need to test drive a few or rent one on Turo.

Regarding CPO - CPO/BMW Dealership purchase experience costs $$$ so consider looking for a car with some remaining warranty. I went with a 2017 for this reason as warranty expires in early-2021. 3rd party warranty would be another route - search for that thread too. Beware of previously tuned vehicles, get a PPI even if CPO.

Regarding specs - its a personal choice on transmission and roof. You will find more Carbon roofed DCT cars. @TommyLGarage has some great videos comparing the different transmissions, options and mods that are common on this platform. I wouldn't make a case for any modern BMW depreciating materially differently based on transmission - we're all still on the downward depreciation trend. Also read the G80 rumor threads, there's talk of available manual.
Appreciate your insightful comments.

I should clarify that aggressiveness behind the wheel is probably a more relative term, as someone that has owned wrx and STis, I like a responsive rocket - I just don't overdo it or beat on my cars.

Thanks for feedback on tires. I'm so used to AWD and this would be my first rwd.