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Originally Posted by M Spec View Post
Hi everyone, relatively new here.

I'm finally ready to purchase an F80 but not before seeking some advice from the experienced members here.

I would prefer white with CF roof and possibly 6M. Manual seems cheaper to maintain vs the DCT and will hopefully retain value better with the G80 potentially eliminating that option altogether. My commute is also mostly highway so I don't suffer traffic often.

Those that live in harsher climates, I'm from Chicago, how would all season tires fare vs a dedicated winter set. I ask because I have no intention of tracking the car and am not an aggressive driver.

What's the preferred method of purchase. Dealer CPO? Best time of year? Figure with winter they'll be sitting in showrooms.

I'm fairly anxious purchasing a vehicle that's not CPO - those that have, what has your experience been long term.

Much thanks.
Do your best to find a 2017 CPO with under 45,000 miles. Just gives you peace of mind.

I have a daily driver 06 Gti, but I do have a set of Continental DWS 06 performance all-Seasons for my M3. They were fantastic last winter in Connecticut. Of course a square set of winter tires are better but it was perfect for me.

Took me 5 1/2 months to find my car last year. 2016 M3 6 speed, sunroof full
Leather, executive package, black. Car is MINT!!! This is my first BMW ever and is my dream car. It's exceeded my expectations.

Good luck with search!