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I have the mpe exhaust and AA midpipe and i can tell you its very loud with the flap open. It will burble a little bit but when you wind it up it sounds like a shotgun going off. I personally think the mpe exhaust by itself if more than enough but im obnoxious so more is more. Also if your running any burble tune it triples the "jerk-o-meter" lol.
Basically every time i deaccelerate it sounds like a anti aircraft gun going off.

I have to be careful because theres well known smokey traps near my house and on more than one occasion, ive caught them giving me hard looks. So despite spending all that money, i usually end up driving around in efficent.
We have the AA midpipe with REMUS axle back and in my opinion it offers the perfect balance. Very mild when valves are closed, loud when they are open with no drone.
Agreed. With the valves closed and in efficent it is quiet doesnt have any drone but just a tad more vibration (which i enjoy) since the steering has ZERO feedback.
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