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I run Castrol srf on all the cars I track, I flush it once per season usually. When I ran motul 600/660 it boiled and turned black in 1-2 events.

Engine oil I run Amsoil 5w40 euro formula with change intervals of 5000-7000 miles never burned a drop in the S55 (knock on wood) this is daily + track days.

Carbotech XP12 front and Carbotech XP10 rears is what I run. I tried the pagid rs29 in my previous 991 and my F80 and they were just not up to task.

As everyone have mentioned you can just track the car relatively stock without issues. People tend to over-mod and "track build" their cars before actual tracking and end up getting lost in what mods actually help and doesn't help.

Tracking with the stock PSS is a good start since stickier tires will just masks ur mistakes and when things go south, you wouldn't know how to react. Pace yourself and run full traction off, since alot of ppl tend to rely on the nannies and overdrive their cars. I am by no means acting like a pro, just a guy who do a handful of events a year.

Lastly, enjoy

Also this the lastest mounting setup I tried and it held up pretty well
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