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I get that Trump represents a very much desired change in attitudes for a lot of the folks who voted for him. But besides the tax cut, which was a cinch due to him owning both houses of Congress at the time, what has Trump really accomplished? I'm obviously not a fan of the guy as a human being, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as an executive, that perhaps he could accomplish things. From my perspective I haven't seen that happening.

The Wall, The Wall, The Wall. He spent a lot of political capital there. My understanding is that what we got is being cut through fairly easily by folks to the south. I don't see a win there. Trump wants his base to think it's a win, but is it really?

Repeal Obamacare. Uh no. Not even with both houses of Congress in his pocket. Trump would like very much if that were completely off the front pages, and it is. For now.

He went hard on North Korea early on, I assume to show the world his mad diplo skillz, and yet they're still hurling missiles and conducting rocket engine tests. That looks like a net zero to me.

He targeted NAFTA as a terrible deal and yet the deal he replaced it with is essentially identical, according to folks who know a lot more about it than me anyway.

The China stuff -- my honest opinion there is that it may have started out as a legitimate attempt to shift some balances, but now it has devolved into a campaign strategy and stock market ploy (drive prices up/down and profit on the swings) for his Wall Street buds. The Chinese are shrewd, very experienced, negotiators, and they have a great deal of leverage to work with. Dare I say the Great Dealmaker met his match?

The fact that he reneges on his own deals is another thing that would really bug the crap out of me, had I voted for Trump because I felt he could effect real change.

Supporters will point to the economy. That's a tossup to me as well. The job numbers and stock market have been going well, but how much of that can a president really take credit for? I would give Trump credit for giving a subset of folks confidence in the economy such that they made bets in a certain direction. On the other hand we're bailing out all of the farmers whose livelihoods he's wiped out in the trade wars. Then there's the record deficit.
So at the end of the day for me it's kind of a wash.

One of the things I have been hoping to see for past 2 administrations is a serious piece of legislation to bolster our infrastructure; electric, data, roadways. Trump made small noises about it but I haven't seen the big move that the country still needs.

Blah blah blah. The gist of it is that when I try to objectively measure the effectiveness of Donald Trump's presidency, he comes up pretty short. If I had voted for him because I wanted to see change, I'd be looking at whoever the Dems send up against him. Unless it's Liz or Bernie!