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Originally Posted by hubbahubba View Post
I have visited NYC once, 33 years ago, for 3 days. I saw 2 muggings and 1 purse snatching, hookers and vagrants. The city was dirty, smelled like piss, and appeared unkept. Maybe my perspective is warped from that.......... I would not call anything like that a "showpiece", though. Did it ever occur to you that maybe just a few of those people HAD to visit NYC for business, not pleasure? In any case, NYC or NY state transportation woes are not a federal issue, and should be paid for with NY dollars.
I lived and worked in NYC 33 years ago and don’t question your statement at all, it was very dark times under the mayorships of Koch and Dinkens but since Giuliani took the keys to the city there’s been a complete 180* in many ways here. Today NYC is at the top of the list of safest big U.S. cities and much cleaner then most metropolis’ in the country.

New York isn’t even near the top of the list of payouts from the Fed for handouts.

And NY is #2 on list of the giving their hard earned money to those same Feds.
Let’s not forget that Infrastructure Federal funds are given to ALL our states.
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